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I'd like to apologise for a recent lack of comics. As I said in the comments of the previous comic, I'm out of comics to upload and I'm not finding any time to draw any more. Not only is it nearing the end of term, (when one way or another things somehow get ridiculously busy even when I don't have any work deadlines) but I've become heavily involved in Japanese tsunami relief fundraising on campus.

As any of you who know me will know, Japan is a country very close to my heart. Thankfully everybody I know there and the families of my Japanese friends here are all okay, but of course, many more have lost so much and are still suffering.

I'd like to take this opportunity to appeal on behalf of a country that treated me so well when I lived there. The tsunami happened a couple of weeks ago now, and the news doesn't seem to be giving it as much attention. But people are still suffering. People are still in pain, both emotional and physical. People are still without homes, water, food, you name it. As time goes on, and we see less of this disaster in the media, please remember Japan.

Maybe you have already donated, and if you have, then thank you. If you have not, please consider parting way with some of your hard earned cash. Even if it's just a tenner, it's still helping somebody.

My friends and I are sending the money we collect to the Red Cross' tsunami relief project, so I would encourage donations there. However, if you would rather send your money to Japan through another channel, then that's find. So long as money reaches those in need one way or another, I'm happy.

Please, do your part to help such a wonderful country.

Thank you.

- Joee

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