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Iím basically posting to just brag, rather than say anything interesting about site content.

Many of you will know that Iím currently an English teacher in Japan. When I started this job, I was told that when a student whom only you have taught shows clear progress, there is a strong sense of reward. I got to experience that first-hand today when my class of 8-10 year old girls vocally spelt many three-letter words without looking at the word cards. Weíve been studying spelling for a few weeks and I had found it difficult to see progress. However, I could see it today and this left me feeling well chuffed.

In other news, I started drawing a prototype background for a potential I S L A N D sequel today. There probably will be one, if you had been wondering, but itís very early days and I have three busy years of PhD ahead of me. I may not find any time for it. Iím just drawing characters and backgrounds as and when I feel like it for now, and am not making any promises I canít keep as far as a completed project is concerned.

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