3D Pacman - An old project of yesteryear
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This is something I made a few years ago, but never featured on any incarnation of Laminated Goat. It was a project for a module I took in 3D animation in my third year of University. We had to come up with an advert for an imaginary toy to be distributed by an imaginary company called 'Toys 4 U'.

I asked the module coordinator if a computer game would count as a toy. He said yes, and so I came up with this...

Friends and I were recently discussing how comments for absolutely any video on YouTube will always contain some form of unwarranted insult. If you view this video at its source location you'll see a lot of hatred directed towards my teacher for this module at the time, despite the fact that he gave me 72%, which is actually a very good grade. In fact, here in England that's regarded as a first class mark. According to the YouTube community, I should have been awarded 100%. But nobody gets 100% for University coursework. It just doesn't happen. In the comments I tried to defend my poor lecturer and explain this fact. Clearly I got through to nobody. I could have tried harder, but I'd be wasting my time. There's just no reasoning with YouTube critics.

Anyway, this video took 20 hours to render on my old 'duct tape will fix it' job of a self-assembled linux machine. In retrospect, it would have been much quicker to render the video in separate chunks on separate computers on campus. One class mate did in fact do this, and took up eight of the Computer Science machines on the night before hand-in, leaving them to render while he necked a considerable number of pints at our student union bar.

Leaving things to render/compile: the ultimate in excuses for slacking off.

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