Life in a Day - My Submission
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Many of you may have heard of the Life in a Day project. For those who havenít, anybody with a camera handy was asked to film parts of their day on the 24th July 2010 and send it to Ridley Scott and Kevin MacDonald to edit into a feature film. The idea is to create a cinematic time capsule of the world on this day so future generations can download pirate copies and understand how we lived back in the third millenium. Either that or the idea is to make a lot of money. Either way, itís an awesome idea for a project and as a fan of both cinema and video editing, I was sure to contribute something.

Anybody who knows me well will know I like to produce short comedy films with my friends (though half the jokes tend to be in-jokes, a habit I intend to break). Those same people who know me would therefore probably expect me to produce something similar to impress Mr. R. Scott and his fellows, but this time Iíve actually made a pretty simple video which seems unexciting at first, and will probably still seem unexciting after you have seen it, but I wasnít really trying to entertain when I made it. All I did was record various locations I passed on a trip to Tokyo, and here is why:

I felt a good contribution to Life in a Day would be something unknown. Many people will submit scenes of London, Paris, New York, etc., but in order to capture as much of life as possible, I felt locations not so well known to the world were also necessary. For this reason, I took some shots of the rural area of Japan I currently reside in as I passed through it on my journey to Tokyo. I then continued to film the rest of my journey since A) I might as well and B) the top of Tokyo Tower gave me a good opportunity to capture the Tokyo cityscape just in case the producers had some use for it.

Anyway, here it is. I canít promise a particularly entertaining video. I just wished to contribute something the producers are unlikely to have received from anybody else:

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