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* Maybe

Even as a computer scientist, I have a tendancy to fall behind as far as the latest internet phenomenons (Did I even spell that right? Answers on a postcard!) are concerned. As such, this link I share, or sites like it, may not be new to you, but I have only recently discovered it and rather like it.

Anyway, Midomi is a site for those times when you donít know the name of a tune and you would rather like to find it. If I know some of the lyrics, I usually google them and find the song that way. However, if lyrics are unknown, Midomi has the functionality for you to hum or play the tune into the microphone and it will detect a number of possible matches. Every time I have used the software, itís found the song with no trouble.

Itís much better than Song Tapper, which produces an exhaustive list of every song except the one you are actually searching for.

I feel like going into one of my AI nerd ramblings and explain how I think Midomi and similar software works, but then it occurs to me that none of you actually care.

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