Try, try and try again
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If at first (second and third) you donít succeed at making a blog, [title of this post].

Iíve made at least two attempts at starting Blogs with the intention of regular updates. One was personal, the other meant to keep friends up-to-date with whatís going down during my 8 months in Japan. In both cases, I never got round to updating them and when I did, it was usually to point out my own failure to make any posts. Eventually both just died. It didnít matter, because the former blog was just the mindless ramblings of a nerd, and the latter was superfluous since my Facebook profile and maintained contact with friends from England keep my peers well informed.

So why am I making a new blog? Do I plan to finally make regular updates? Well, no. But thatís not to say it wonít happen. As explained here, Laminated Goat was revived not so much to show new artwork on a regular basis but to show artwork whenever it is created, regardless of time between updates. My plan for this blog is pretty much the same. Ideally Iíd like to have something to say each week, but ultimately I will only post when I have something to share. Most likely this will be news/thoughts related to development of further work or reflections on older work. General thoughts, musings and satirical commentary on things I see are likely to appear also.

So please, make what you can of this blog, and of Laminated Goat in general. Iíll try to make them interesting!

- Joee

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