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I said that site activity would probably die for a while after I left Japan. I must apologise, as it has been dead for much longer than I had originally intended. I figured I'd post to give you guys a general idea of what's going on.

So, there's no new comics, drawing, photos or game development for now because life is still insanely busy. I'm resettled back into England now, but not quite settled into my PhD yet. Also, I've been trying to arrange a return trip to Japan for myself and some younger students, and it's proving to be so much more effort than I had realised at first. However, I'm hoping that the new year will provide me more free time to produce more content.

Something else that's been holding me back is some restructuring of the site. You'll notice that the blog is now part of the site as a whole, rather than being hosted on Wordpress. It is no longer powered by Wordpress either, meaning that it has lost some of the awesomeness that Wordpress can provide. This is because I want to try and program such awesomeness for myself. I have a few plans for the blog, and bespoking it's functionality adds flexibility to carry out these plans and plans which I may have in the future.

One such plan is to start using it to post reviews of movies and adventure games. If you've looked through enough of this site, you'll know that I enjoy making video and adventure games. It doesn't take much thought power to deduce that the love of making them comes from the love of watching and playing them. Watch this space for more site content related to these areas!

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