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Superfly is following me on Twitter. This is the happiest day of my life.

Superfly is a singer from Japan I'm obsessed with. Most westerners would associate Japanese music with this sort of thing:

But Superfly is this sort of thing:

What I love about Superfly (real name Shiho Ochi) is the strength of her voice and the control she has over it. I also love how happy she is in a lot of her videos. I often get the feeling she'd be really fun to just hang out with, and now that I'm on her* Twitter feed, clearly she* thinks I'd be really fun to hang out with.

I would love to see her sing live, though I may have to wait until I'm in Japan again before that can happen. However, it recently came to my attention that two Japanese groups: Asian Kung-fu Generation and Perfume, will be performing in the UK. Until now I didn't realise that Japanese bands coming to the UK to perform was a thing. But it totally is a thing. Now I just hope that Superfly follows suit.

* Or at least, her minions who maintain her twitter feed for her.

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