I S L A N D - Help

This page lists general set up instructions and support for any bugs encountered in the game. For any queries you may have, please email islandhelpsupport@gmail.com.


To set up the game, simply unzip the game to a directory of your choice.

If the game does not work immediately, you may need to move the .dll files included in the zip file into your C:\Windows\System32 folder.

If you have trouble saving, you may need to move the .ini files included in the zip file into your C:\Windows folder.


Walkthroughs are available at Mr. Bill's Adventureland and Reloaded.org. However, for maximum enjoyment of the game, you are greatly encouraged to only resort to using walkthroughs when you are completely stuck and unable to progress otherwise!

Known bugs
To report any bugs please email islandhelpsupport@gmail.com.

Please be aware of the following intermittent bugs:

Sometimes the game can freeze for no known reason when Benji tries to speak. Places where this has been seen to occur are:
- Picking up coconuts when tied to tree
- Talking to Old Ray at campsite
- Talking to Gerald on dock

Also, some actions have on rare occasions not worked when attempted (i.e. Benji does not do anything when commanded to do something). This has been seen to occur when:
- Examining the hatch
- Talking to the pirate guarding the pirates' boat

All these bugs have occured on single occasions and never again (which is why it's become so hard to try and fix them), but please continually save just in case you hit any problems!

If you do run into trouble, try pressing 'R' to reset the level. Benji may disappear off-screen, but clicking somewhere within the screen should enable him to move back into place.

Known criticisms
I would like to acknowledge various comments that have been made, rather than try to deny them, because that's the kind of guy I am. My testers have stated that they very much enjoyed the game regardless of these points, and we very much hope that you do also.

The text is too slow! Can't I skip or speed up text? - No. Not yet. I am sorry if the text speed is too slow for you. The reason why I didn't fix the problem before the initial release is complicated to explain, but it basically comes down to a mistake I made early in development which makes the solution require time I did not have. Why can't I fix it now? Because I am in Japan with only a Mac, and the windows machine with my liscenced copy of The Games Factory (the software used to develop the game) is in England. When I return to England in September 2010 I will begin work on a version of the game in which text speed can be altered and/or text can be skipped completely.

Midi music? URGH - This is down to me not knowing how to create MP3s or use them as background music in The Games Factory. I plan to look into this and update the game accordingly in the future.

'Apologise' should be 'Apologize'! Didn't you learn to spell at school? - I am British and so the game's dialogue uses British language rules. Of course, there may be genuine typos or spelling errors here and there, but before you report one, check it isn't a British-ism.

What's Vimto? - See above. British game. Expect not only British spelling but also British in-jokes here and there.