Pirates of the Caribbean 4
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28th May 2011
Something I've wanted to do for a long, long time...
Please Support Japan!
In: Blog >> Japan
30th March 2011
Apologies for recent inactivity. I've been busy with work and fundraising for the Japanese tsunami relief appeal. Please read this post and consider giving something to those in need in Japan
This Tall to Enter
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12th March 2011
Height restrictions apply...
3D Pacman - An old project of yesteryear
In: Blog >> Video
9th March 2011
Something I made a few years for a 3D graphics module in my BSc Computer Science course.
Master of Suspense
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5th March 2011
If I were to see this film, I'd probably hang around during the credits.
The Meaning of Lol
In: Comics >> Laminated Goat
26th February 2011
How to understand laughter on the internet.
Why Ewoks Are Cool
In: Blog >> Cinema
23rd February 2011
I'm sick of everybody slagging off Ewoks, so here's another nerdy tirade.
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19th February 2011
For the record, I actually like Ewoks. This is something else I plan to spend too much time writing a blog entry on.