Road Safety
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11th February 2011
An alternative to the hands free kit...
What Killed the Dinosaurs
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5th February 2011
Nobody knows for sure, but I think I've cracked it.
Life in a day in ninety minutes
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30th January 2011
Last Summer, I talked about a film project called Life in a Day, along with my own submission to it. The film project has been completed and premiered. Though I was not cool enough to attend the Sundance premiere, I was internet-savvy enough to catch the YouTube premiere.
The Last Day of Earth
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28th January 2011
Where would you go if the earth was going to end the next day?
Inside the Monopoly Jail
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19th January 2011
We've all been there. And we'd rather die than go back...
Harry Potter and the Two Towers
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13th January 2011
Some powers only work in certain situations...
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5th January 2011
After another long shortage of comics (and probably before yet another one), I'm back in the game again. Here's the first offering since I returned from the orient.
Why I could like some 3D movies - A review of Tron: Legacy
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31st December 2010
Ordinarily, I wouldn't go to see a 3D movie, as some of you may be aware from a previous post slagging off such movies. However, Tron: Legacy is different.