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June 2013
30th  Bad Clouds
June 2011
25th  Pull My Tentacle
18th  Antelope
11th  Snake II on a Plane
4th  The Lion King
May 2011
28th  Pirates of the Caribbean 4
March 2011
12th  This Tall to Enter
5th  Master of Suspense
February 2011
26th  The Meaning of Lol
19th  Ewoks
11th  Road Safety
5th  What Killed the Dinosaurs
January 2011
28th  The Last Day of Earth
19th  Inside the Monopoly Jail
13th  Harry Potter and the Two Towers
5th  Salmonella
September 2010
13th  Mario Matrices
5th  Superman
August 2010
30th  Purrassic Park
22nd  The Evolution of the Information Search
15th  Voice Recognition
July 2010
31st  Under the Sea
16th  3D glasses
11th  The Weather in St. Petersburg
3rd  Who is the father?
June 2010
25th  Fire With Fire
12th  Error 312
4th  Social Media?
May 2010
28th  Tetris Invader
21st  Teletubbies
16th  Two Cats
15th  Crop Circles
13th  Jurassic Park 4
November 2006
24th  Old Laminated Goat 11
19th  Old Laminated Goat 10
18th  Old Laminated Goat 9
18th  Old Laminated Goat 8
October 2006
22nd  Old Laminated Goat 7
22nd  Lincoln Speaks Italian
10th  Lincoln Talks Trash
1st  Lincoln Discovers the Internet
September 2006
20th  Old Laminated Goat 6
20th  Old Laminated Goat 5
19th  Old Laminated Goat 4
17th  Sweet Talkin' Lincoln
11th  Lincoln Talks Dirty
4th  Old Laminated Goat 3
August 2006
20th  Old Laminated Goat 2
13th  Old Laminated Goat 1