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May 2013
19th  Big Hero 6
9th  Supertweet
April 2012
5th  Research Profiles
March 2011
30th  Please Support Japan!
9th  3D Pacman - An old project of yesteryear
February 2011
23rd  Why Ewoks Are Cool
January 2011
30th  Life in a day in ninety minutes
December 2010
31st  Why I could like some 3D movies - A review of Tron: Legacy
18th  A more detailed explanation
August 2010
3rd  Why I don't like 3D movies
July 2010
25th  Life in a Day - My Submission
1st  Children of Japan
June 2010
20th  The best website in the world*
15th  Thank you for contacting us about the matter in question!
3rd  Smug Mode
May 2010
29th  Try, try and try again