Bad Clouds
In: Comics >> Laminated Goat
30th June 2013
Trying to get back into the habit of making comics again. Sorry the quality on this one isn't great!
Big Hero 6
In: Blog >> Cinema
19th May 2013
New superhero movie 'Big Hero 6' from Disney and Marvel.
In: Blog >> Japan
9th May 2013
Superfly is following me on Twitter. This is the happiest day of my life.
Research Profiles
In: Blog >> General
5th April 2012
So yeah, after one and a half years in a PhD, only now have I just got round to making my research profiles...
Pull My Tentacle
In: Comics >> Laminated Goat
25th June 2011
Interplanetary toilet humour at its best.
In: Comics >> Laminated Goat
18th June 2011
This week's comic is a shameless pun with absolutely no context.
Snake II on a Plane
In: Comics >> Laminated Goat
11th June 2011
Why mobile phones should be turned off during flights.
The Lion King
In: Comics >> Laminated Goat
4th June 2011
Disney lions are really hard to draw...